A Prophetic Word

A Prophetic Word

Just before the first Lockdown, on the 7th March 2020, Jane and I attended a prophetic morning at Swansea Valley Bible Church where Clem Ferris a prophet from the United States ministered to us. I am sending you this word because I want us as a church to embrace the prophetic. As you read and receive this prophesy, it has the power to bring strength, encouragement and hope to you. Pray about what he has released and pray for Jane and myself at this time.

Prayer and Prophecy for Alex and Jane

“As Jesus walked amongst the candlesticks in Revelation, God just wants to remind you He’s been walking around your candlestick and there are those that came and tried to tarnish the candlestick, they tried to actually destroy the candlestick and there’s fingerprints on the candlestick and they’re ruddy and they’re dirty and God has called you to polish the candlestick, to brighten it up, to bring the glory of God, to restore the glory of God. And God’s going to give you a bright and shining candle in your city, God’s going to cause things to shine there because you’re going to give attention to the things that the enemy tried to destroy.

You’re keepers of the door, I see you guarding the door, but yet, what’s behind the door is the throne and I feel like the Lord saying just continue to come boldly to the throne of grace in your time of need and find that help, that ever timely help, obtain mercy. Two important things, grace and mercy, and His help, you’re going to see things break through, you’re going to see the people come, there’s even people coming back that left, not all but some will come back and brother there’s this lifting off of insecurity even today I felt that God just lifted some things out of your backpack that other people put in there from the past. There’s past voices that are diminishing, God’s turning the volume down on those past voices so that the criticism and “this isn’t the way it used to be and blah blah blah” God’s just going to diminish it and throw it away.

There’s a fresh voice coming, even a prophetic voice coming, and here’s what’s in your… your heart is outreach, I just see it all over you, you have such a burden for the lost and you are frustrated and saying God give us the keys, and God’s going to give you strategy to reach the lost. God’s going to turn all the vision that’s inwards, outward. That’s been the problem, everybody’s been looking inward and God says I’m going to turn the vision with preaching. You take the rudder of the ship brother and preach it – you preach the direction that you want to go in and the people will follow. And talk about, talk about evangelism, talk about God’s burden for the lost and as you give them an outreach focus, an outreach mentality and everything, it’s going to make a change in the culture of your church, there’s going to be this welcoming, warm, ‘come visit us, come see’ and people are going to be coming because the people are going to be sharing.

There’s just this explosion of evangelism that’s going to come because you’re going to preach it, amen you’re going to just stir it, you’re going to build a culture around it and then whatever you preach brother, at that point you could read out of the telephone directory and people are going to get saved, because the presence of God and the culture of outreach is going to be so strong that the gospel will permeate even the presence of visitors in your midst and that’s going to mean expansion. I don’t know what kind of facility you have but it’s too small. God says you start thinking of expansion of the Vine because there’s going to be more fruit than ever. Amen.

There’s a word that we can bring under direct submission to the Lord, it’s the word grace, you know when they leave the cornerstone you shout grace, grace, another way is saying blessing, blessing, blessing, this area’s full of other voices that are speaking curses against the church, but Jesus speaks a better word, it’s the word grace. So we’re going to shout grace over this couple and over that church we speak blessing and grace over The Vine. Every negative word and every attempt of the fingerprints of the enemy to go on that candlestick is going to be polished, it’s going to be fruitful, be full of oil, amen. So stretch your hands towards Alex and Jane, in  doing that we’re doing it towards their family as well and the family of God and we shout three times the word grace, one, two, three, GRACE, GRACE, GRACE again GRACE, GRACE, GRACE. Father we pray that your fresh oil is going to flow through Alex and Jane and that church and their leaders. Thank you that the best juice is found in the cluster and I pray join men and women around about them of like mind, of like spirit, and that fresh juice and fresh wine and fresh oil flow in a way that amazes them and that every attempt of the evil one be quenched because of grace. We speak that word over them, it’s a better word, in Jesus’ name.”

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  • David Eastty
    Posted at 20:37h, 17 November Reply

    Then he said to me, “This is the word of the Lord to Zerrubbabel: Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of hosts. Who are you, O great mountain? Before Zerrubbabel you shall become a plain. And he shall bring forward the top stone amid shouts of ‘Grace, grace to it!” Zechariah 4: 6-7

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