HOPE is such an important part of life and we all need it to function properly. Without hope we lose our way. It’s so important, it’s right up there with LOVE and FAITH.

Wow-that’s quite a powerful verse-if our HOPE is deferred (delayed or postponed) our hearts become sick. Have you ever experienced that crushing feeling, when you put your hope in something only to be let down or disappointed?

In this clip we seeing kids being told about the gender of the next addition to the family. I’m sure some of you can empathise with their disappointment!

Even though we feel their pain it’s still quite funny!

When we put our hope in really big things however and it is deferred, the disappointment can be devastating. What about young people who’ve had their proms and graduations ceremonies cancelled? Or athletes who have been training for years to peak at an Olympics Games, having their event cancelled? How about people hoping to provide for their families and pay the mortgage, losing their jobs unexpectedly? Sound familiar?

Being in the middle of a global pandemic, people all over the world have suffered some kind of disappointment: a hope dashed and deferred.

This pandemic has been like a valley of trouble. How wonderful it is then that we can put our hope in something so much bigger than even the coronavirus? We can put our HOPE IN GOD.

In fact it is essential that we put our HOPE in God. Why? Because this is a HOPE that has a supernatural dimension to it. It overcomes everything. The bible talks about this kind of HOPE being like an anchor, it steadies us. We can place our HOPE in Him and feel confident that everything is going to be okay even when it might look different on the outside.

When we have HOPE in God, we can respond to setbacks in a very different way to the rest of the world. For example, did you know that tens of thousands of people across the world were meant to be going to Hillsong conferences this summer to worship and spend time in the presence and power of God? They’ve all been cancelled. BUT the next clip shows the response of the church-I love it!

Furthermore, not only can we place our HOPE in God for everything, HE IS THE GOD OF ALL HOPE. I think of Him as the HOPE PROVIDER. God gives us HOPE when we feel hopeless. That’s why we as Christians should share this amazing HOPE that we have access to with others

Have a listen to these fab songs on Hope with some great lyrics, explaining it a little bit more.

This is Crowder’s All My Hope Is in Jesus performed at the Passion Tour 2018 featuring Tauren Wells.

This next song by Hillsong is called All My Hope and is featured in this edition of the New Song Café.

Right then, our Team Talk presenter this week is…-Jamie!

Here’s one of the verses Jamie mentioned in his TEAM TALK. It also happens to be one of the most famous verses in the bible on HOPE.

God has great plans for you lives-spend time with Him to find out more about them. They will give you HOPE for the future.

FRIDAY NIGHT YOUTH ONLINE Our next Zoom meeting will be on July 31st 7:30 pm. If you need more details regarding the Zoom invite contact the church office.

VCC YOUTH-THE BIG CHALLENGE-Discover your hidden talents!

We watched clips of the Great Sandwich Making Challenge (way to go Grace Lee!) at our last meeting and heard the Crazy Stories starting from A-finishing with Z.

We even saw James C performing a live challenge where he was filmed going around his house as fast as he could touching every light switch-it was a quick time! Please tune into the meeting on the 31st to find out what Jon’s next challenges will be!

Here’s a fun clip from Hillsong Youth-I posted Episode 1 on the Blog two weeks ago-so here’s Episode 2 of Believe Iosefa!   

Remember the verse at the beginning of the BLOG? Well I only mentioned the first part. What about the second part-‘but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life?

Put your HOPE in God, never give up and you will experience longings and dreams fulfilled that will be LIFE to your hearts and souls!

Have a great week everyone-keep enjoying your summer holidays!

Claire and the VCC Youth Team




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