Living for God

Living for God

So just to start off then-here’s episode 1 of Teenagers’ Survival Guide.

Notice what they kick off with, the No 1 piece of advice?

That advice fits in perfectly with this week’s Blog-LIVING FOR GOD. There was a really great book published a few years ago called The Purpose Driven Life. It was written by a Christian, a man named Rick Warren and it became a best seller all across the world. The book explores our purpose for living and Rick makes the point that everybody’s purpose is linked to LIVING FOR GOD and in order to feel fully satisfied we need to find out what that is and how we go about doing it. We all have a life mission-and in general terms that is what living for God is all about. It’s a life mission and it’s  a choice.

It’s also a huge subject so here are three tips.

TIP 1-Get to know God and find out what his life mission is for you.

Just ask him about it. Prayer is only a conversation with God.

You can’t truly live for God without knowing your purpose-it’s tailor made for you-otherwise our ‘Living for God’ can become just another religious exercise.

Our lives are a gift from God so it’s best to offer them back up to Him.

When our lives are in God’s hands it doesn’t matter what happens.  

TIP 2Start completing God’s life mission for you.

When you have an idea about your life mission, start doing something about it. If you’re not sure, there are some things that are obvious. If your friend is in need for example-how could you meet that need? Be a good loving, respectful and kind young person. God won’t show you everything straight away but if you spend time with him He will show you some specifics. This could involve decisions about subjects you take, where to go to college and how you could serve in your local church.

Start being faithful with the little things, just ask God ‘how can I live for you today and fulfil your purpose?

One thing is probable-whatever God has called you to, you’ve probably got a gifting or talent to match it. So you’re not likely to be an opera singer if you can’t sing, but if you’re good at football for example, God might use you in a Christian sporting organisation.

Our gifts and talents as well as our wisdom and character will grow and develop as we begin to start taking steps in the right direction. Just use your common sense but remember to dream big – which leads me to Tip 3.

TIP 3-Never give up and don’t limit what God can do through you!

The Bible says we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. So if you are LIVING FOR GOD-you can do just about anything! You will face setbacks and failures along the way, but that’s perfectly understandable, because we’re not perfect and we live in an imperfect world.  And we have an enemy. But if God is in it never give up. Keep going and moving forward.

Remember God is greater than any obstacle and will always help you!

Song of the Blog is from Hillsong United-the lyrics speak for themselves

Be sure to watch this week’s Team Talk to get some more great tips on LIVING FOR GOD-our presenter this week is…-LUCY!


FRIDAY NIGHT YOUTH ONLINE-Our next Zoom meeting (Years 7 to Year 13) will be August 28th at 7:30 pm. If you need more details regarding the Zoom invite contact the church office-hope to see you there!

VINE CC SUNDAY MORNING ONLINE Please tune into these services-we are planning to put a montage of clips of Youth online and Youth Challenges to show in a Sunday morning service very soon-you may feature in a cameo!

RELENTLESS- (Sixth form age and young adults) continues to meet every other Thursday-next meeting is August 20th.

Here’s another fun clip from Hillsong Youth-I posted Episode 4 on the Blog last week-so here’s Episode 5 of Believe Iosefa! This week features involves a two part dare involving lots of strawberry milkshakes, cling film and rolling down hills!

Have a great week everyone-keep enjoying your summer holidays.

Keep living for God!

Claire and the VCC Youth Team

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