Never Give Up

Never Give Up

So this week’s blog is all about persevering and not giving up, especially on the things God has promised you. Below are some links and verses from the Bible to both inspire and encourage you.

NEVER GIVE UP-REASON NUMBER ONE– We should never give up because of who we are in Christ and what God says about us. As Christians we have the very nature of God in us, with huge potential. We will face setbacks like anybody else-BUT-we should NEVER GIVE UP! Here are some amazing things God says about us and to us:

NEVER GIVE UP-REASON NUMBER TWO– We should never give up because there is a reward for finishing. The Christian life is like a race, if we keep on going we not only reap a reward here on earth, but we’re also rewarded in heaven.  

And another thing-it’s OK to fail.

But just keep on going as these next clips illustrate.

This makes me smile-the tourist in the clip is intent on making the Royal Guard laugh-he doesn’t give up until he achieves this goal. Successful people in life are like that. NEVER GIVE UP!

NEVER GIVE UP-REASON NUMBER THREE– We should never give up because there are also amazing role models in the Bible to encourage and inspire us.

The Bible is actually full of people who never gave up and as a result realised their dreams and saw the promises of God fulfilled in their lives. Joseph is a great example-this link gives you an overview of his life. Can I encourage you to read about Joseph in Genesis.

NEVER GIVE UP-REASON NUMBER FOUR– We should never give up because God is with us every step of the way and HE WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON US. Isn’t that amazing!

Song of the Blog is:


God never gives up on us!

Be sure to watch this week’s Team Talk to get some more great advice on our theme and our presenter this week is…-JON!


FRIDAY NIGHT YOUTH ONLINE-Our next Zoom meeting (Years 7 to Year 13) will be August 28th at 7:30 pm. If you need more details regarding the Zoom invite contact the church office-hope to see you there!

VINE CC SUNDAY MORNING ONLINE Please tune into these services-we are planning to put a montage of clips of Youth online and Youth Challenges to show in a Sunday morning very soon-you may feature in a cameo!

Here’s Episode Two from our new series started last week-Hillsong Youth Chef.

Have a great week everyone. Enjoy the final days of your summer holidays.

Claire and the VCC Youth Team



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