New Beginnings

New Beginnings

I wonder if you have ever heard the phrase New Beginnings before.  And would you agree that New Beginnings can be both scary and exciting? But one of the advantages of New Beginnings is that they offer us fresh starts and opportunities. They can also enable us to take on new challenges.

Embracing new challenges puts us in a position to grow and discover strengths and talents we never knew we had! That’s pretty cool.

Why do you think I have decided then to talk about New Beginnings in this latest Youth Blog? Well it’s pretty simple: because you are all about to start a new academic year. You could be going to a different School, College or University. And for sure, all of you will be starting a New Year group. So I just want to share a few thoughts to encourage you as we hit September and the first week back-to where ever we are going. And I’m going to start in the best place, the Bible!

I love this verse from the Psalms in the image above. Any burdens you might feel over the next year, stress from your studies, not understanding something, having trouble with friendship groups or teachers, it doesn’t matter what they are, or what you face, give it all to God and He will take care of it and sustain you.

This Bible verse from Philippians also tells us not to be anxious about anything. That’s because when we’re trusting God, we don’t have to worry. In fact the second part of this verse tells to not only avoid worrying (or not be anxious), but to bring everything to God in prayer and petition. In other words talk to God about all that’s going on and tell him what you need.

And the final part of the verse also tells us to do all this with thanksgiving. In other words have an attitude with gratitude when you pray about stuff!


Here’s a few more resources on the Blog’s Theme of New Beginnings:

A great song from Elevation Youth

Kid President is fab-here’s some advice for you!

I really hope you don’t act like these students…..

This week’s Team Talk is presented by me-please take the time to have a listen!


SONG OF THE BLOG encourages us to trust God. I’ll be playing this at Friday Night Youth but here it is again. JIREH means to provide. It’s the name of God we use when trusting him for all our needs.


If you are under 13 we need you to be watching this with your parent or guardian and follow all the guidelines suggested by Hillsong Youth

FRIDAY NIGHT YOUTH –Our next meeting (Years 7 to Year 13) will be September 17th, 7:00-9: 00 pm at the Vine Christian Centre. And Tuck Shop is back!!!! We have loads planned for this term so checkout the church website for any more information.

Have a great new term everyone and see you soon

Claire and the VCC Youth Team

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