Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual Gifts

A while ago in one of our Youth Blogs, we looked at FRUITS OF THE SPIRITS. This month’s blog explores the GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT, also known as SPIRITUAL GIFTS.

The following image outlines a number of spiritual gifts referred to in the Bible. These are free gifts, given to us, when we receive the Holy Spirit into our lives.

Corinthians 11v2 outlines 9 gifts of the spirit. They are:

The word of wisdom

The word of knowledge

The gift of faith

The gift of healing

The gift of working miracles

The gift of prophecy

The gift of discerning spirits

The gift of interpreting tongues

The gift of speaking in tongues

The bible tells us to desire these gifts, so I thought it would be a good idea for us to learn about them-and then we can pray for them to operate in our lives. For this month’s Blog, I would like to focus on just three-those in bold.

Before we do that, take a look at this great clip from The Bible Project on the Holy Spirit-the one who gives us so much, including Spiritual gifts. Everything starts with receiving the Holy Spirit.


Simply put, the gift of the word of knowledge is information the Holy Spirit can give you about yourself, or even another person, to help you both. There is a supernatural dimension to this and the way the Holy Spirit can give you this information would come as a strong feeling or impression or a specific thought.



The gift of the word of wisdom is often a specific instruction the Holy Spirit can give you about a difficult situation and how to deal with it. Exactly like the word of knowledge, there is a supernatural dimension to it and the way the Holy Spirit can give you this information would come as a strong feeling or impression or a specific thought. Sometimes the word of wisdom actually helps you to know how to use the word of knowledge. It is far bigger than your “natural ability” to input into the situation. It carries the mark of the wisdom of God! And God’s wisdom beats all other wisdom known to man.



Have you ever wanted to pray about something or someone and not known what to pray? This is where speaking in tongues can help so much. It is one of the spiritual gifts mentioned in the New Testament and the gift of speaking in tongues is an individual’s supernatural ability to speak in a language never before learned. The Holy Spirit gives you the words to pray. According to Paul the apostle, God has appointed this particular spiritual gift to the church. When you pray in tongues it builds up your ‘spiritual muscles’. Anyone can receive it-it’s a gift for us all.

Did you know that after Jesus died on the cross all of his followers were pretty scared. But after he rose from the dead and had spent time with them, Jesus told the disciples not to leave Jerusalem but ‘wait for the gift my Father promised’. Jesus was talking about the Holy Spirit. So that’s what they did, all 120 of them, they prayed and waited. And on what is now known as the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came down, to live inside all those who believed that Jesus is Lord so that they would be empowered to fulfill God’s plans on earth. This is a good dramatisation of the event and you can read more about it in Acts 1-2.

Pentecost was the start of receiving spiritual gifts. It was the start of the early church having the power to do amazing things!

Right some words of wisdom for you-it’s time for Team Talk which is presented by NAOMI.

SONG OF THE BLOG this month is FULLNESS. It’s all about receiving the fullness of the Holy Spirit which includes his gifts.

YOUTH MEETING OF THE MONTH-Rhythm Night | Worship Night | Elevation Youth | Elevation Rhythm

If you are under 13 we need you to be watching this with your parent or guardian.

FRIDAY NIGHT YOUTH –Our next meeting (Years 7 to Year 13) will be May 14th, 7:30 pm. It will be indoors but we may have activities in the side alley. Our last meeting was so much fun-can’t wait for the next! If you need more details regarding this event, please contact the church office.

RELENTLESS (Sixth form and Young Adults) -The next meeting will be May 13th. Naomi will be contacting the group directly.

So have a great month everyone, it’s nearly half term!

Claire and the VCC Youth Team

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