Hi everyone-it’s quite exciting knowing that as I write this BLOG we are going to have our first FRIDAY NIGHT YOUTH ONLINE-I hope to see you there!

This week’s theme explores the word TESTIMONY-it’s a word used quite a lot in church but I wonder, do you know what it actually means?

Simply put, I think it just means giving an account of something. And a TESTIMONY is usually linked to being truthful, that’s why we find the word associated with a courtroom. Giving a testimony or testifying in court contributes to the evidence and helps a jury reach their verdict.

Did you know that we are called to give our TESTIMONY to people who don’t know Jesus? Our testimonies are stories of what God has done in our lives and help those who hear them come to a conclusion-a verdict even.

I guess our testimonies provide evidence to the goodness of God, as this verse suggest.

The Bible even goes onto say that we must be ready to share with people about our faith and relationship with Jesus.

With that in mind then, it’s important to get our facts right and be prepared! Unlike the kids in these two clips!!

Last week I briefly referred to Taya Smith (now Taya Smith-Gaukrodger). This is part of her TESTIMONY.

And this is part of Shaun Michael’s TESTIMONY, a former WWE wrestler.

Do you notice I mention part of their TESTIMONY because our testimonies should be not just what happened to us in the past but what’s happening to us now and in the future. Of course, it’s so good to remember what God has done in our lives as it encourages us, but take some time over the next week to think about not only your TESTIMONY of the past but also your TESTIMONY of the present and even your TESTIMONY of the future

In other words what has God done in your life, what is God doing in your life and what will God do in your life? 

Right then it’s time for this weeks Team Talk: introducing-ME…. again!

Final Thoughts

Here’s episode two of PRANKS WITH PAP

And finally please go and share some of your TESTIMONY. Bless someone with your story: it’s unique and it matters! 

Have a great week.

Claire and the VCC Youth Team

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