So Hi everyone! How are you all doing? I hope you like our very first VCC Youth BLOG which we will now be posting every Friday.

When the schools closed I heard some stories of young people feeling like they were living the dream, especially if they had major exams coming up! But I think in all honesty, for everybody, this has been a really challenging time. Challenging because it’s brought with it a lot of change. And change can be hard. Change can make us feel a little anxious.

I wanted us then to think a little about how to TRUST in times of change: Trusting Others in times of change and most of all Trusting God in times of change.

Proverbs 3 vs. 5-6 is one of my favourite passages of scripture from the Bible. It says an awful lot about how we should trust God, but particularly how to trust God when we don’t know exactly what’s happening.  And I guess more than ever, that is true today!

So I’ve put together some links and thoughts for you all in the format of an acrostic on TRUST. Enjoy!


I’m sure you’ve got lots more time on your hands-even with all the hours you spend in Google Classroom! Why not think about spending a little more time with God and reading your Bible?

This is a good article on the excuses we make about not reading our Bible:


Did you know that the Rainbow is a sign of God’s promises to us?

And something lots of people have been doing during lockdown, all across the world, is making artwork of rainbows and putting them in their windows, just to make people smile and give them hope.

Next up is a short video about just that. What could you do to make people smile?


With no hairdressers available some unusual hairstyles are coming to a street near you……….. !

See the source image


Make sure you all look after yourselves and follow the advice of your parents and carers, as well as the government.

See the source image


Fantastic song by Hillsong Young & Free called Trust. Please Listen!

Finally to make you smile this is a hilarious clip about a trust game gone wrong! 

Have a good week everyone-we’re praying for you!

Claire and the VCC Youth Team

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