Hey everybody-we are nearing our second month of lock down and I hope you are enjoying the Blogs. This week I’d like us to take a look at the word WISDOM.

It’s not a word we use a lot in everyday conversation but did you know that in some translations of the bible, the word WISDOM appears 234 times? I guess it must be quite important to God then!

In fact lots of people have ideas about what it is to have WISDOM or be WISE.

I think if ‘You’re WISE-You’re SMART!’

Mr Bean is a well-known British comedy character who tries to be smart about getting up in the morning..

As we can see from this clip, it’s sometimes not enough to be smart and wise in our own eyes!

We need to know what the bible has to say about being smart or wise-what the bible has to say about Wisdom. Because the WISDOM of God never changes and it’s also a very powerful tool in helping us with every aspect of our lives. So I’ve chosen a few of those 234 verses to look at-but don’t panic-I’ve only chosen 4!!

This verse illustrates how precious wisdom is to God. It even stresses that there is nothing we can desire or want that is as valuable as WISDOM. Did you know that Sunset rubies are even rarer than diamonds?

If you want more WISDOM then-what should you do?

Ask for it. That’s exactly what the book of James tells us. And that’s exactly what King Solomon did which really impressed God.

Here’s another great and well known verse on WISDOM (Proverbs 9 vs. 10):

What is the Fear of the Lord?

I don’t think it means being afraid of God. I think it means more being in awe of Him, having a sense of reverence for Him and being aware of His status-after all- HE is GOD!

When we look up to people we tend to act differently and care about what they think. Imagine if Gareth Bale or Taylor Swift came to our church?

And then imagine they singled you out and started talking to you at the end of the service? 

In that moment by the coffee and cakes, I’m sure you might behave slightly differently. How much more should our behaviour be affected when we are awe in of God and what He says. Now that’s WISDOM.

The last verse I want to look at is also from James.

It’s no good just listening to God’s word. We must do what it says.

So some more NEWS-the Youth will be featured in this Sunday Morning’s Service so make sure you tune in on either Facebook or YouTube and thanks again to all of you who sent in your video clips to the church.

Right then, I’m now going to hand over to Hannah who is taking this week’s


This is one of my favourite songs ever. I love the lyrics.

I pray we all learn to live our lives full of the WISDOM POWER AND LOVE that we find in our AWESOME GOD!

Have a fabulous week everyone-you are blessed to be a blessing!!

Claire and the VCC Youth Team

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