David: A Hero of Faith

David: A Hero of Faith

Hi everyone-well we’ve looked at HEROES OF FAITH in a previous blog but I want to focus on the life of one person in this blog-DAVID. Before we start however, I was thinking earlier about what makes a hero. I don’t think heroes are immune to fear. But I do think they’re willing to have to have a go even when they are afraid. That’s being heroic or courageous and heroes get their power from remembering that their God is a God of the impossible and their God is always with them.

David is a HERO named in the HALL OF FAITH-Hebrews 11. The Bible says this:

Hebrews 11v32

Hebrews 11v33

The following text is an extract taking from an article about David, written by Anthony from Fresno:

“We can all say that heroes are people who inspire men and women to do better, people who strive to do great things. Well one of my heroes is David: who was a great man of God, and accomplished many great things through God. He is also referred to as a man after God’s own heart. David was also a song writer and musician; he wrote most of the psalms in the Book of Psalm and played the harp. David at a very young age was already serving God and had a great faith and love for God.

You might have heard of the story of David and Goliath. David was sent by his father to take food to the camp of his brothers who were soldiers for Israel which were at battle with the Philistines. When David reached the camp site he saw that there was no fighting going on between the two armies and when Goliath would step out and defy the army of Israel, the army would run in fear of him because of his huge size. David was angered that a Philistine was defying the army of God and that everyone was afraid of him, when Israel had God on their side.

So David decided to take on Goliath himself remembering that his God was a God of the impossible and that his God was always with them. Goliath saw David and mocked David and the army of Israel for sending a boy to battle. When Goliath then charged, David ran to the battle line to meet him and got a rock out and loaded it in his sling and threw it at Goliath and caught him right between the eyes and Goliath fell. David ran up to him and picked up Goliath’s sword and beheaded him and then picked his head up and showed it to the Philistines. When the Philistines saw that their hero was dead they ran in fear, and the army of Israel charged after them. Saul was amazed at David and what he had done.

You can see that David had a great relationship with God since a very young age and God put great power upon him. This is certainly the reasons why David is my hero because he was a man after God’s own heart as mentioned, he had an amazing faith and close relationship with God, and God loved David greatly.

The whole complete story of David’s life can be found in the Bible. In the end, through David’s story he had a love, fear, strength, and faith for God, and God rewarded him greatly. This is why David inspires me, because I desire the same relationship and certainly even greater I hope. Also, to be a great song writer and musician like him because I play in a Christian band and write the lyrics and play guitar. Through David, God has put a great teaching in me and my love for God grows strong and powerful. This is why David ultimately is my hero because God has used his story to help me get closer to my ultimate hero, God.”

 Right then, our Team Talk presenter this week is… JAMIE who is sharing some of his views on David.

SONG OF THE BLOG this week is called HERO by Catherin Mullins.

It’s about the greatest hero of all-Jesus!

SWITCH- Over the next couple of months we’re going to start looking at a great series of clips from the Youth Ministry SWITCH. Here’s the first and it is really relevant to what it is going on at the moment. Lots of great advice given, enjoy…. !

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Also just to let you know that the BLOGS will now be posted monthly as opposed to fortnightly. Please tune into this series on Heroes of Faith to see who the next one is! Our next blog will be Friday 26th February.

So have another good fortnight everyone, hope you’re all doing great-believe for big things and do something heroic today!

Claire and the VCC Youth Team

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