Fruits of the Spirit

Fruits of the Spirit

Okay so firstly when we talk about Fruits of the Spirit we don’t mean bananas, grapes, pears, strawberries etc. Actually when the bible is talking about fruit, it usually means a positive outcome or result. To be fruitful is to be productive, prosperous or successful. If the FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT are working in your life then you will be productive, prosperous and successful in the things of God. That is surely something to aspire to?

So what are the FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT? They are actually qualities or character traits within us that the Holy Spirit wants to develop. When we allow these qualities to grow, our characters develop in such a way that we become more like Jesus and as a result more FRUITFUL. So to repeat the question what exactly are the FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT and how many are there?

There are 9 in total so let’s look at each one in turn They are all listed below for you to look at with a number of links and images about each one, all of which teach us more about the FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT-ENJOY!












In this comedy clip, what FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT do you need we here?

SONG OF THE BLOG is FAITHFUL GOD-by I AM THEY. God shows Faithfulness to us every day and I pray we can be like that too, demonstrating the fruit of the spirit-FAITHFULNESS.


This week’s Team Talk on FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT is presented by……-Naomi!

FRIDAY NIGHT YOUTH ONLINE-Our next Zoom meeting (Years 7 to Year 13) will be October 9th at 7:30 pm. If you need more details regarding the Zoom invite contact the church office-hope to see you there!

Here’s a link to an adventure from Elevation Youth!

Have an adventurous fortnight everyone, hope school is going well and that we can see you at the Autumn Meetings.

Claire and the VCC Youth Team



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