Christmas Thoughts in the Midst of a Pandemic

Christmas Thoughts in the Midst of a Pandemic

As we enter the Christmas season who would have thought that our plans would be interrupted yet again by new restrictions. The Government seems set on reducing the number of people mixing and shutting down certain sectors of the economy. Last year saw families separated over Christmas and now this year it would appear new restrictions will be coming in after Christmas. Whilst things continue to be different to the way they were before March 2020 the message of the Nativity is as powerful as ever.

The Christmas story is full of interruptions as God broke into the world and became man. For a moment consider the interruptions that we see in the Nativity story. I list some of the ones I can think of below:

  1. Mary was interrupted by an Angel
  2. Mary interrupted Joseph with her news of pregnancy
  3. An Angel interrupted Joseph in a dream
  4. Caesar Augustus interrupted everyone by decreeing that people be registered in the town of their birth.
  5. Angels interrupted the Shepherds
  6. Shepherds interrupted the stable
  7. The wise men were interrupted by the appearance of a star
  8. Herod was interrupted by the arrival of the wise men
  9. The wise men interrupted Mary and Joseph with their gifts
  10. Simeon was interrupted by Jesus when he was presented at the temple


It is the nature of God to interrupt our lives, so this Christmas let us invite Him to interrupt us so that we move from the ordinary to the extraordinary, from the natural to the supernatural. I believe that God wants to break into our world in a new and fresh way and He has chosen to do so through the Church. Over the next few days why don’t you consider interrupting someone’s world with an act of love and kindness?

A few years ago the church had a request to host a refugee from North Korea and she was eventually placed with my mother. Having a young lady who had fled North Korea and subsequently come to faith in Jesus join us for our family Christmas meal was a wonderful experience and it enhanced the day for all of us.

If we are prepared for some disruption the Lord will enhance our lives in the most unusual and wonderful ways.

We can all make a difference to someone this Christmas so ask the Lord to use you to interrupt someone’s Christmas with His goodness. The list of things we can do to love and bless someone this Christmas is endless. Faith becomes an exciting adventure when we ask the Holy Spirit to use us to make this difference in people’s lives.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Holiday and I look forward to all the Lord has for us in the year ahead.

Every Blessing


  • Helen Pettey
    Posted at 11:29h, 23 December Reply

    Thanks for the wise interruption! I’m believing for lots of God interruptions this coming year, in my life but also God using me to interrupt other people’s lives too.

  • Ruth Jones
    Posted at 13:29h, 23 December Reply

    I pray to be less so God can be more. More room for God. to interrupt . More level of surrender to allow God to interrupt. To feel the pain of others who don’t know Our Saviour and urgency to want them to know Him as their Lord.

    Posted at 19:04h, 23 December Reply

    Thank you Alex for those wise words. It is always a joy to be interrupted by GOD. Its time we showed others that Gods presence is an interruption worth having. Much love to you and the family at Christmas x

  • Rosemary cummings
    Posted at 23:14h, 23 December Reply

    I pray for the wisdom to know when I am being interrupted by the Lord and the obedience to follow where the Holy Spirit leads. Blessings and miracles in 2022 X

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