Esther: A Heroine of Faith

Esther: A Heroine of Faith

Hi everyone-so continuing our HEROES OF FAITH series, this month we are going to look at the life of ESTHER.

Esther isn’t actually mentioned in the famous Hall of Faith (Hebrews Chapter 11) but I think she’s pretty inspirational, a real heroine of faith. Esther is a well known book that can be found in the Old Testament near the Psalms and interestingly God is not even mentioned, not once. However you can definitely see His hand over all the situations that take place. I guess there’s a parallel there with what you or I might be going through. Sometimes it’s hard to hear or see God in difficult circumstances but remember He is always there, working behind the scenes. HE IS FOR YOU!  

So back to ESTHER. Rather than me writing about everything that happened to her, I’ve inserted some great clips for you including the Bible Project’s take on the book. The Bible Project is a really great resource you can use to help you find out more about any book of the bible.

I’d also like to look at just two verses from Esther. Here’s the first:

Wow! That’s some compliment. I wonder why she gained such favour? Okay Esther was really beautiful but so were many other young women in her day. There must have been something very special Esther, her character possibly, for her to win favour in the eyes of everyone who saw her?

I also think God probably had a big part to play in this too. If you think about this verse carefully, it could be great prayer-‘Lord help us to win favour in the eyes of those around us.’ The prayer could go on to say ‘so that we can do your will more effectively. And achieve our destinies‘. And talking of destiny, here’s the second verse:

These words are so powerful. They apply to Esther but they could apply to you. For what significant moments in life have you been created, I wonder?

The Bible Project gives us some insight to her story:

Esther was caught in an impossible circumstance, her people were potentially going to be wiped out. In order to save them and use her influence as a Queen, she had to take action. But this meant she needed to go before the King without being summoned: such action risked losing her life. But do you know what her response was? ‘If I perish I perish.’ Esther put her own life on the line for the sake of her people and trusted God. She was a woman of great faith and God came through for her. If you go online you will see that a number of films have been made about Esther, such is the fascination with her story. Have a look at your leisure. I like Super book’s spin on it:

This week’s TEAM TALK is presented by LUCY-ENJOY and BE BLESSED.


SONG OF THE BLOG this week is by LEELAND. The lyrics of this fantastic song WAYMAKER speak for themselves.

SWITCH- Last month we started looking at a great series of clips from the Youth Ministry SWITCH. Here’s the second. They are really relevant to what it is going on at the moment. Lots of great advice given, enjoy…. !


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Our next monthly BLOG will be posted on April 2nd where we will be looking at Easter.

So have another good month everyone, hope you’re all doing great-believe for big things and do something heroic today!

Claire and the VCC Youth Team

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