Hi everyone-It’s Friday-It’s VCC Youth Blog day!

Did you know that the word FLAWSOME is actually in the dictionary?

 It’s a real word and here’s a definition:

I think it’s a great word to describe us as children of God. We’re flawed and we’re not perfect BUT God thinks we’re absolutely awesome. And you know what, it’s okay to make mistakes sometimes and miss the mark.

Just remember this:



The amazing thing about being a Christian is that even though we have weaknesses and flaws, God makes up for them. Paul talks about how when we are weak and feel like we can’t do something, God gives us his grace and strength to enable us to do exactly what we thought was impossible.


Have a look at this video. It’s a compilation of both epic but hilarious failures of people who have had seemingly good ideas that don’t end well! They make some mistakes but live to tell the tale. Still, do not attempt any of this at home or elsewhere. It’s OK to fail – but try not to be foolish!

Did you realise that the Bible is full of people who have made mistakes but God still used them. And because they trusted in God to help them, they became amazing role models. Peter actually denied Jesus three times before the crucifixion. And yet he went onto to become one of the greatest Christians that ever lived. 

Your failure is not final!

Jacob was another man who like Peter, made mistakes. But God refers to himself as the God of Jacob-not the God of the man who was perfect, but the God of the man who was imperfect. Flawed, like us. Isn’t that wonderful.

You’re FLAWSOME because God says YOU ARE MINE

You know God says a lot of amazing things about us. Take the time over the next week to check out the verses referred to in the next image.

So some NEWS-the Youth will be featured in a Sunday Morning Service very soon so if you haven’t already, can I encourage you to send in your video clips to the church office-maybe 30 seconds or so just saying Hi, what you’ve been up to, perhaps share a verse that’s meant something to you over this particular period. And please feel free to be creative!

Right then it’s time for…..

Finally please listen to this song by Lauren Daigle. We’re flawed but God says amazing things about us making us FLAWSOME.

And He gives us

The power to change,

The power to turn failures into successes,

The power to make the impossible possible.

Have a great week-you are blessed to be a blessing!!

Claire and the VCC Youth Team

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