This a very powerful theme and so important but not always easy to do. Has anybody ever really hurt you? Would you be able to forgive them? Because that’s exactly what God would want you to do. Did you know that even people who are not Christians recognize the power of FORGIVENESS when it comes to our well-being.

So what does the bible say? Below are some links and verses that help us to understand God’s perspective on FORGIVENESS.

Why should you FORGIVE?

Firstly because God has forgiven us for everything. Remembering this always helps me and puts my sense of injustice about anything into perspective. The bible is really clear about this subject. It says ‘He (God) has removed our transgressions’ (mistakes and actions that need forgiving) so far from us it’s like as far as the East is from the West-that’s a lot of FORGIVENESS!

In a previous blog I mentioned that we need to be imitators of Christ. Therefore we should be forgivers.



Forgiveness is a choice. We don’t always feel like doing it but we are commanded to do it-so it’s a decision we must make. You know if God commands us to do something, it’s always because it’s for our own benefit. Holding unforgiveness against someone is quite dangerous. Having that feeling of bitterness and resentment inside is also no good for our wellbeing.  And if you don’t forgive others, how can you expect God to forgive you? When you make the decision to forgive it’s quite freeing and liberating.



God’s mercy towards us is new every day and he wants us to extend that same mercy to others. If you feel you can’t do it just ask God for help and He will do exactly that.



On a slightly lighter note, this Physical Comedy clips shows how sometimes we have to forgive irritating habits!

SONG OF THE BLOG is FORGIVENESS-by Tobymac featuring the rap artist Lecrae. I’ve chosen this song because it explores the theme of FORGIVENESS beautifully with lyrics we can all relate to.

This week’s Team Talk on FORGIVENESS is presented by……-Jamie!

FRIDAY NIGHT YOUTH ONLINE-Our next Zoom meeting (Years 7 to Year 13) will be September 25TH at 7:30 pm. If you need more details regarding the Zoom invite contact the church office-hope to see you there!

Here’s a recap of our latest series Hillsong Youth Chef 2020 Episode 1-4 Episode Four.

Have a great fortnight everyone, hope school is going well and that we can see you at the Zoom Meetings.

Claire and the VCC Youth Team

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