Gifts, Talents and Purpose.

Gifts, Talents and Purpose.

Before I start-does anyone recognise the artist of this amazing painting?

Watch TEAM TALK and all shall be revealed….

This week’s theme explores our GIFTS, TALENTS and PURPOSE. If you’re a little confused regarding the difference between gifts and talents this might help. There is a subtle difference between giftedness and talent as giftedness talks about potential abilities whereas talent talks about present abilities that can be demonstrated or performed.

This next clip gives us a biblical perspective on developing your Gifts and Talents. As the clip says-don’t bury your gifts and rely on God to do the miraculous with them. And as I stated in a previous Blog, DREAM BIG regarding the PURPOSE of your GIFTS and TALENTS!

It’s important to involve God in discovering what GIFTS we have so that we can invest in them and develop them into TALENTS. Knowing our PURPOSE for these GIFTS will also help motivate us to take the time to invest in them. Another reason for knowing our PURPOSE is it also helps prevent us from being deluded! I knew for example I would never be a doctor after fainting at the sight of blood when I was nine years old! This point is often made very well in those awful auditions we sometimes see on programmes like Britain’s Got Talent or The X Factor. 

Sometimes when we’re trying to develop our gifts for a God given purpose, we can encounter setbacks and not everybody is encouraging. But if it is God given, doors will open for us and the next verse is something we can always rely on.

This clip is amazing and went viral. I remember when I first watched it being blown away. I still find it so inspiring and even played it to some of my GCSE students. What you may not know is that Mandy is a Christian and a worship leader. Despite having to overcome huge problems and discouragement, she is using her gift for God and I guess relying on him even more. Her song is great-sometimes we just need to TRY.

This song has also really spoken to me lately-its central message is that we need to make ourselves available to God. That’s all of us giving our gifts and talents for his purpose. Maybe you feel like you don’t even have much to give with no particular talent and that’s ok too. Because God just takes the little we have and our weaknesses, brokenness and mistakes and makes them into something fantastic. We just need to make ourselves available to him.

Right then, introducing the star of this week’s Team Talk-Lucy!

Here are some of Lucy’s paintings:

What an amazing testimony.

What an amazing talent.

You too could have all sorts of talents and gifts you are unaware of. Take some time this week to pray and ask God about them. Or maybe you are aware of your gifting and talent-so take some time instead to ask God more about your purpose and how you can best use all that talent!


FRIDAY NIGHT YOUTH ONLINE was great! I so enjoyed it. Our next Zoom meeting will be July 3rd 7:30 pm. Watch this space for more details.

VCC YOUTH CHALLENGE Can you create a sandwich with your favourite filler in 10 secs-and film it? It could be a hidden talent! That’s the challenge set by Jon at the last meeting. Videos to be sent to the church office please.

Here’s episode three of PRANKS WITH PAP-ENJOY

And finally remember this…….

Have a great week.

Claire and the VCC Youth Team

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