Hope, Joy and Peace.

Hope, Joy and Peace.

Hi everyone – it’s Friday – VCC Youth Blog day! This week I wanted to share some thoughts with you on HOPE, JOY and PEACE.  

If I asked you the question ‘What are you hoping for?’, I wonder what your answer would be?

I remember some years ago asking the Youth on what their dreams and hopes for the future were. I think one of them wrote down ‘A swimming pool filled with pink jelly and ice-cream!’ Needless to say it hasn’t come true! That’s not because God doesn’t care about our hopes and dreams – of course He does. He even cares about those things that seem little to everyone else but are important to us.

But even so, the HOPE God wants us to have is not just wishful thinking. It’s a HOPE that comes from the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit and the confidence of knowing God’s word.

And guess what? We have access to both.


Did you know that according to the verse above, when God fills us with JOY and PEACE (now that’s a good thing to pray for), we are supernaturally filled with the kind of HOPE I referred to at the beginning. It’s a HOPE that keeps us connected to the dreams and promises of God-no matter what our circumstances are.

I think JOY is a very powerful force but for now let’s think about how good we feel when we’re joyful-especially when we laugh. The bible even says laughter is like medicine! And on that note-watch these kids talk about God….…

And spreading some more joy….


What is Peace?

The dictionary refers to PEACE as:

Freedom from disturbance. It is calm and restful. Or it can be a state or period in which there is no war or a war has ended.

Did you know that Jesus is called The Prince of Peace?

And He gives us a peace that is supernatural, so that we can experience calm and rest in the midst of a storm.

A storm could be a tough time at school, at home, or what we are all going through now in lock-down due to the global pandemic.

He is our PEACE in the storm.


You know not only can we put our Hope in God but God is a God of HOPE! That’s quite a powerful statement.

That means even when we go through the toughest of times, even when we feel like we have no Hope-we can turn to God because HE IS A GOD OF HOPE.

There is nothing we can’t handle when we put our Hope in God.

Hope Has Come-now that’s a good song title!

OK – now for some exciting news! I would like to let you know about something coming next week to the VCC Blog….

Team Talk is going to be a new weekly feature of the Blog which all of the Youth Leaders will be contributing to. We will launch it next week-so be sure to watch this space… !

And finally young people, how are your video clips to the church coming along? Please be sure to create a video of yourself saying Hi to the rest of the church share a scripture or two, saying why you’ve chosen it. You have up to a minute so feel free to be creative!

Have a great week-you are blessed to be a blessing!!

Claire and the VCC Youth Team

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