Hi everyone-so before we get into the BLOG just to let you know that we are hopefully going to have our first online Friday Night Youth Meeting-very soon! Yay!!

Watch this space and we will keep you updated.

I hope you have been following the Blogs- feel free to dip in and out of the contents during the course of the week as there are lots of links and resources to enjoy.

Okay-so here’s an opening line for you:

‘What is your IDENTITY?’

If you google the word IDENTITY it is so confusing but to put it in simple terms, I think it’s a word that describes ouR sense of self, who we are, not only in our own eyes but in the eyes of others.

It can also be associated with so many things so let’s try another question.

‘Where is your IDENTITY?’

Is it in your…

  • Age
  • Looks
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Social Status
  • Education
  • Sports you watch
  • Teams you support
  • The music you listen to
  • The friends you hang out with
  • Or even your favourite chocolate bar and so on and so on…. !

Mine’s dairy milk but thankfully my IDENTITY is not connected to my favourite chocolate bar-because that changes all the time. Remember last week I mentioned this:

That’s a big clue to where your IDENTITY should lie.

This next link looks at this very question and is well worth a read.

You know it’s fine to have different interests and be different. God didn’t make us clones so having a list of things we’re into is fine. However they are not our IDENTITY.

God made us in such a way that we all have unique personalities-each one of us is incredibly special to Him.

God only made one of you with unique DNA and fingerprints.

And when you became a Christian you became more than just part of God’s creation-you became a child of God. That gives you a very significant IDENTITY.

This is a great video on identity made by young people-it’s really important to know what God’s word says about you to have a healthy sense of IDENTITY. If you don’t know what God says about you, then you can start to believe negative things about yourself that aren’t true-and we’re all capable of that.

I love this song because its lyrics express ‘Who You Say I Am’ in other words what God says I am is what counts and nothing else!

Time for some poetry. Here’s a Youth Pastor who closes his sermon using the spoken word to talk about our identities in Christ. A very passionate delivery on a very passionate subject!

I guess it’s essential that if we try to base our identity in Christ, we have a better understanding of who he is.

Jefferson Bethke on The Identity of Jesus

Right then, introducing-ME…. !

Final Thoughts:

Firstly just to sum up the Team Talk a little have a closer look at this Image.

Secondly introducing a new feature of the BLOG-no particular theme or topic-just a bit of fun! 


And finally remember that God made you special so go and find someone and make them feel special too.

Have a great week.

Claire and the VCC Youth Team

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