PRAYER – Talking to God

PRAYER – Talking to God

Happy New Year everyone! Well our first full blog of 2021 is on Prayer which is very applicable as the church is starting a week of prayer on Monday-why not see how you can join in?

So here are three questions for you, to hopefully get you thinking about prayer-or as I like to call it, talking to God.




Let’s try and answer them then-because Prayer gets us closer to God. 

As I just wrote, prayer is simply talking to God. It’s talking to JESUS or our HEAVENLY FATHER. But it’s also a conversation. And if it’s a conversation, then it means listening to God as well as talking to Him. Isn’t that amazing, God listens to us!

Have a look at these cute kids praying. As I watched this I found myself thinking about how well these kids know God-it’s clear from the clips, some know Him better than others. Your prayer life often reveals how close you are to God.


Prayer isn’t just giving God a shopping list of all our needs and wants. Of course God wants to help us and we should pray about things that we’re concerned about, but God isn’t a genie. He’s in a relationship with us. God still loves to answer our prayers of course.

But I think He loves it more when we pray just to spend time with Him, chatting, hanging out with Him as we would our friends or family. Prayer is not a religious thing, it should flow out of our relationship with God. For example, I talk to God all the time about everything.


  • Find a quiet place to minimise distractions;
  • Use worship music to help you focus;
  • Talk to God-tell Him how you feel;
  • Thank Him for things He’s done in your life
  • And always have a journal or paper to hand, to write down anything you think God might be saying;
  • That means-listen-He’ll speak to you in a way you’ll understand, often highlighting and directing our thoughts;
  • Use your journal to have your prayers in-it’s so encouraging when you can tick them off and see how God answers them.



My last question is the most important.

Can I challenge you to start investing in your prayer life this year 2021-Talk to God and let Him talk back to you. That’s prayer in a nutshell. But it’s always good to find out more about Prayer, how to it well and get the best results.

Here are some ‘clips and links’ including our very own Jon Clewlow in Team Talk, sharing tips, knowledge and words of wisdom on prayer.

Check out ‘The Christian Teen’s Guide to Praying With Confidence” from (click on the image link below):

SONG OF THE BLOG this week is based on one of the most famous prayers in the bible. THE LORD’S PRAYER

FRIDAY NIGHT YOUTH –Our next meeting (Years 7 to Year 13) will be January 22nd 7:30 pm. If you need more details regarding this event, please contact the church office.

RELENTLESS (Sixth form and Young Adults) -The next meeting will be on January 28th. Naomi will be contacting the group directly.

So have another good fortnight everyone, hope you’re all doing great. Remember, God is looking out for you and has you in the palm of His hand-in and out of lockdown.


Claire and the VCC Youth Team

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