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So my first question is how many Easter Eggs did you consume on Easter Day? How many do you have left? Please feel free to put your answers in the comment box below!

Well however much chocolate you consumed, I hope you had a lovely day. I’ve been reflecting a bit before returning to school next week (yep Google Class room is back!!), especially now we know the lock-down has been extended for at least another three weeks. I think that although there’s a lot of tough things going on in the world during this period of time, for many of us there is one real positive thing – more TIME.

So my challenge to you this week is how are you using your TIME?

One of the greatest gifts we can give to someone is our Time. It is often far more precious than material gifts or presents. I wonder therefore how much Time are you spending with and giving to God?

Let’s look at how we can CONNECT with God through not only giving Him more of our Time, but being good stewards of it.

C-CHOOSE wisely how you spend your time.

Time is a great equaliser: we are all given the same amount.

And unless we’re intentional, those minutes can be very easily wasted

O-OPEN your Bible

The Bible is one of the most important ways to connect with God. It gives us fantastic advice for how to live our lives and tells us so much about God and His character. But with 66 books it can be a little overwhelming. Below is a good link with some really helpful tips about where to start when it comes to reading our Bibles:


N-NOISE-try and create environments to shut out all the noise and distractions around you.

When spending time with God, choose a time and space at home (you could even build a den!) that will minimise disruptions and interruptions. First thing in the morning can be good, but there’s no formula. You can connect with God in a queue outside Tesco or on a bike ride. It’s all about connecting and building your relationship with Him.

N-NO is sometimes a word we need to say to ourselves when it comes to choices about time…

I’ve loved watching some full series on BBC iPlayer. I’m so into crime dramas at the moment. And I love running. And I love eating chocolate. All of which take up my time!

But I also have responsibilities so I can’t totally ‘veg out!’ And even if I’m being productive sometimes my time with God can become bottom of the list when He should be first. Then I have to say No to certain things.

No is a word we don’t like to hear but often necessary-have a look at these kids’ reactions to the word No. We’ve all been there!

E-EXPRESS your love to God in PRAISE and WORSHIP.

youtube.com/watch?v=cuLzmTZhQMw(opens in a new tab)

One of my favourite ways of connecting with God is through Praise and Worship. There are thousands of links on YouTube to different songs you can engage with. Or maybe just sing to Him yourself -He thinks we all sing in tune! I’m so loving the music coming from Elevation Church right now. This is from their Youth Ministry playlists. It’s really good.


Did you know that prayer is basically conversation with God? It’s talking to him but also listening to him.

And it’s not just about getting prayers answered but it’s tuning in to what He is saying as well. I often write down what I think God is speaking to me or prayers I’ve said. So when I see answers or things happen because of prayer, it really encourages and excites me. Here’s a link about why prayer journals are really helpful.


T-TIME to make some changes!

Have fun, rest, be entertained, enjoy the Time you have: but make sure the balance is right. Where is God in the list of your priorities when it comes to your Time? How many of your 1440 minutes are you giving Him?

Remember God has great plans for you and wants to speak to you-so find out more, by spending Time with Him!

And finally, here’s something you might never have tried before: it was the first time for some of Elevation Youth-ASMR-What is that?

Have a great week-even in online school!

Claire and the VCC Youth Team

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